January 16, 2003

back from the community

my choices were either today or sunday, their wasn`t a ride any other day, so i got back in at 1 oclock today, left at 5 am on the redila (community truck), got into palenque at 7, was on a bus by 8. just finished getting through my emails, had something like 70 pieces of junkmail, that`s incredible.
not gonna launch into my thoughts and stories about roberto barrios right now, need to sleep and get some perspective. i do wanna say that the 2 weeks i spent out there made a big impression on me, such a beautiful place and a strong people to be around and interact with, plus more then enough time to think about things such as my life and future travel plans and things i wanna do with myself. it was really good.

there was one other thing i also noticed on the way back from palenque. mexico is the speed bump capital of the world. all the speed bumps that used to be in your neighborhood but they took out? they brought them down here. literally every 200 meters the bus slowed down to a crawl, and it`s tired, cringing springs bounce us over the bounce strategically places speedbumps, halfway up some steep ass hill, and the semi in front starts to roll back and the busdriver`s repeatedly touching his picture of the virgin mary that`s stuck to the dashboard and i`m half asleep because falling all the way asleep is impossible, the specially designed headrests have been custom engineered to leave your neck at the exact right angle to cause a nice head ache that isn`t helped a bit by the bouncing of the damn bounce bus. i understand why they have them, even with the speedbumps the mexican drive like it was their last day on earth, almost on par with the italians for reckless indangerment of everyone else on the road. you`d think they wouldn`t be so excited to rev their car up to full speed right before they had to slow down for the everpresent speedbumps, but no, they`re happy to slam on the breaks, bounce their cars, all of which have cool things written on the front windshield like (translated from the spanish) ¨my gift from god.¨ what the hell is that about, did god come down and place this nissan sentra on your doorstep? did he put those stickers of the naked ladies on the bumper as well? how nice of him. anyways, as i look out the door of this internet cafe i can see them careening by, and it makes me glad they have high curbs.

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